Sabbie Nere club prive is a swingers club in Sicily inspired by three couples united by the ambitious idea of ​​building something unique … the culture of eroticism in Sicily … and from this idea that Sabbie Nere swingers club emerge.

Sabbie Nere club is built on a 700-square-foot house, in 5000 square meters park, is surrounded by a volcanic sand wall that gives it a mysterious charm of tranquility and relaxation …

The club is equipped with a cocktails bar, disco, swimming pool, wellness area, play rooms, naturist village.

SABBIE NERE Club Privè is just a short 10km drive from Catania. Address is Via Nicolosi, Ragalna, 95030

Phone: 095.910050 – 328.7678551 – 334.7090264



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Our Address

Via Nicolosi, Ragalna, 95030


37.6267811, 14.947122