FLIRT swingers club in Rome is an exclusive private Club nestled in a naturist park of 70.000mq, with breathtaking views of the lake Bracciano.

Flirt club is the only Italian Swingers club & Naturist Village for young and really selected COUPLES from all over the World.

Available to all members, there are two naturist pools: one heated indoor and the other outdoor, wide and panoramic lake views.

INTERIOR DESIGN is highly sought after, the ceilings of the house are made of wood and up to 8 meters high, with large beams. Each piece of furniture is unique: antique furniture blend with vintage and modern furniture.

The bar is in an ancient and original pulpit of the church, while the large central fireplace divides the environments and creates intimacy, with many mirrors positioned specifically to stimulate the imagination and sensual suggestions.

There are themed play areas to meet the needs of everyone:

Soft play areas, the large suite on the top level, for those who are new to the experience or prefer to watch, be watched contacts or only for women;

Full swap areas, dedicated to those who have more experience and are more uninhibited, preferring the exchange of couple or group sex.

There are also available numerous alcoves and lounges where couples can seclude in partner or alone.

The LARGE INDOOR POOL It is marble granite, heated and always ends so unforgettable night … Obviously, for reasons of hygiene, not allowed to have sex in water.

MUSIC It is exciting and never boring: jazz, lounge, latin, deep, electro, tribal, latin, house and soulful music, are the perfect soundtrack, valuing every moment of the evening and helping to make the party memorable.

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