The Mask team invites you to immerse yourself in a glamorous, chic and dreamlike universe, in a new club. Exclusively reserved for couples, we open our doors to both amateurs and initiates.

Whether you’re used to it or here for the first time, the Mask will make you feel at home, protected and pampered by a team at your disposal. You will be able to succumb to the comfort of our large living room and to the conviviality of our cocktail bar, as well as to our small salons and naughty corners which offer you an intimacy to better abandon you to your wildest fantasies.
Adorned with its ludic alcoves, the Mask takes you in the footsteps of the Empress Josephine or the Mistress of Barras. Our team will welcome you and guide you through these many spaces with subdued atmospheres, where you and two people can come to laugh, to party, to encanailler by a naughty afternoon or a sparkling and sassy evening. You masters words will be friendliness, respect and elegance.

So put on your mask and come to join us for a sensual and libertine parenthesis, in the most exclusive swingers club of the capital.

18 rue Feydeau
Paris, France 75002

+33 1 45 08 81 50

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