Welcome to our establishment, where a refined decor, felted and sensual ensures you a warm, intimate, festive and unbridled … You are in a place of leisure or the search for a shared pleasure must be your leitmotiv. Each participant has his or her research, and it is necessary to respect the desires of each one. The entry of the club therefore assumes that all the participants respect the charter and the Dress code below.

The conditions of access to our establishment are based on the respect of a balance between man and couples in mixed evening, the respect of the libertine spirit and the other participants. Groups are not allowed. For men alone, it will be necessary to be known to the establishment or to be sponsored by a couple to enter. The club is also intended for a major clientele, the management reserves the right to ask for a piece of identification.


The Beluga, rue de la dronniere
Ifs, Calvados 14123

+33 9 52 75 80 35

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Our Address

The Beluga, rue de la dronniere Ifs, Calvados 14123


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