We are the oldest couples and swingers club for heterosexual couples (of course, you are welcome if one or both of you in the couple is bisexual too). Par i hjärter was founded in the mid 90´s. Thousands of members have since passed through the years.

MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED! An application must be made before first visit.
Your also must agree to our rules. Read occasionally though we update from time to time.

On Par i hjärter, you can have a pleasant, enjoyable moment and a break from everyday life. Here we explore our sexuality. Some are curious and want to watch and listen to others who have sex or just want to have sex in the same room / bed and some already know what they want in full. Regardless, we will show respect for each other.

We know that the day will come when most people want to experience something new and exciting together. This is were Par i hjärter comes into the picture. Par i hjärter is a club for only heterosexual couples who want to meet other couples with the same interest. Completely without coercion. We do not allow singles.

If you have decided  to visit a couples club/swingers club, Par i hjärter is the club for you. Here you meet other couples, mingle and have a drink from the bar. We have a very cozy and welcoming environment where you can relax properly.

Par i hjärter accommodates large, newly renovated and refreshed rooms on two floors in Solna, outside Stockholm.
Upstairs we have a bar. There we have the sale of beer, red and white wine, sparkling wine, cider, soft drinks, coffee, etc., a stage with a pole (stripper pole), comfortable lounge furnitures/sofas where we can mingle and talk with other couples. A fresh and large smoking area is available adjacent to the lounge upstairs. Feel free to choose music on our PC that has a music service connected online. So whether you want to take a turn on the stage around the pole or just feel like dancing, there is always the right music for you!
Upstairs is a sexfri zone. Any sexual activities done downstairs.
Downstairs, there are many different rooms for exciting volunteer activities. Of course there are showers and toilets on both floors.

In our spa area on the lower level there is a Jacuzzi for up to 6 people, a new steam room and a lovely massage room. Massageoils can be purchased at the club at great prices.

Dress Code (unless otherwise stated): Upstairs is optional and downstairs is the max lingerie that apply. Discrepancies may occur. but then allocates it here on the website in the calendar.

Host, hostess or entrence host who works at Club Par i hjärter takes full authority, sanctioned by management, the expulsion of the drunk members, expulsion of a member for any other reason or expulsion of non-authorized person / persons who wish to enter the club.

Address: Ryttargatan 3 Solna, Stockholm,Sweden

Phone: +46 8 730 00 32

email: info@parihjarter.se


Address & Contact

Our Address

Ryttargatan 3 Solna, Stockholm,Sweden


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