Yulia Varra’s Tantra club is a special impregnated with this eroticism is a place where liberated Swinger couples, as well as people who love group party in a sauna who are not shy to look at naked bodies of the opposite gender) come To us not only couples — single men and single women enjoy visiting our club, because we have the opportunity to meet like-minded people with partners of the opposite sex who love erotica and erotic massage as well as you. On our programmes you under the guidance of our leading paired with a lady doing erotic massage different directions: it is you, and you her! We have trained Thai, Creole, filipinskomu and tantric massages.

During your stay at the tantric program — all the time that it lasts (minimum 4 hours in the evening, and a maximum of 7 hours at night — see schedule) features in free use for your relaxation:

– hot Finnish sauna

– cool pool and showers

– restaurant-bar and dishes from the chef*

– participation in any contests, games and higher values for

– view shows

– disco with our Dj

-orgasms, orgasms, orgasms …


Address & Contact

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61.524243561974, 105.31928354471