St. Petersburg – a city of great opportunities, but found it very hard to the right people. If you are liberated, cultural and purposeful, the club “Fortuna” with joy in front of you will open its virtual, and later, and these doors.

For more than nine years of our club swingers punctually arranges private parties Me in St. Petersburg aimed at flirtation and love swing in St. Petersburg. It offers luxury SPA centres, bars, clubs north of the capital or cottage complexes in the picturesque suburb of St. Petersburg. All meetings take place only on a neutral, rented for the occasion of the territory.

Each party – this enchanting event that brings together family and couples seeking a swing sex dating. Come to us and single men and women, but their number is limited. In general, the approach to the selection of members of the club quite strict. With us you will never see call girls. A personal face-control and cost-designed evening help to collect a large and cheerful company exclusively of decent, healthy people. At the same time our swingers club does not impose membership card purchase.

Swing in St. Petersburg openly cultivated. But not only our club. Appropriate mood atmosphere saturated with competition program with a slight erotic slant, outstanding swing couples and, of course, the new exciting and promising swing love will make your holiday unforgettable. A fully liberated and get rid of the remnants of constraint help spirits and gourmet snacks, which are always in abundance.

We’re going to rest comfortably. About any compulsion, which fear the newcomers can be no question. At the first meeting, you can simply tie unobtrusive dating Peter, talk to those couples that are pleasing to you. No one will rush you move on to practice, live chat and more important flirtation. We can do anything, but nothing is mandatory!

If you have decided to expand the boundaries of their sexuality, our club will be glad to see you with their guests. For each party to come to us 5 new pairs, so you will not be the only “uninitiated”. Experienced members of the club gently will help you get started. And, by taking part in the competition, which is completely transparent involve experienced presenters, you will join harmoniously in a new team and feel is theirs.

In our club basically come couples of 30-40 years. Many women who have chosen our club swingers, bisexual, male – only traditional orientation. Bathhouse uniforms, we have adopted, makes women extremely seductive: open sandals and flying translucent fabric does not hide the merits.

About theme parties warn us in advance in the announcement. If desired, you can choose a suitable outfit, although this is not mandatory.

We invite you every two weeks. We examine, to attach, tie adult dating and swing in St. Petersburg and choose worthy partners.

Address: St. Petersburg, Russia

Phone: +7 (812) 927 7419

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