Club Orangeade – Swinger club group sex with exclusive in-game concept!

Why Orangeade?

So we called our club, because the drink Orangeade reflects our essence and rules!!! In this lovely summer drink made with fresh orange zest, orange juice, sugar and soda water – all mixed up! It is the mix gives it a great combination of flavour and freshness!

The orangeade is truly a season of refreshing drink that is very refreshing and gives you energy and vitamins — as well as our club group sex fills you with positivity and brings to your life the buzz at any time of the year!!!

In our Swinger club Orangeade everyone will find something interesting for themselves and their numerous friends: this style party swing open, and closed party for a small number of participants, as well as the extreme party in the style hot wife & cuckold, well liked format gang-bang & bukkake for a large number of participants!

As you know, gang-bang – party with several women and any number of men. We decided to develop this idea and create a club where women could exercise their imagination fully, encouraging participation in this present male guests. We are a small group of like-minded people and like-minded who love the swinging and group sex, and would like (slightly or significantly) to expand their small group for meetings.

Who we’re looking for, or whom to accept into their ranks:

We would like to see visitors at our club held adequate people that any manifestation of their own and others ‘ sexuality is regarded as a gift, without any deprecation or irony.

Address: Sushevskaya, 8, Moscow, Russia

Phone: +7 (495) 374-66-03

Address & Contact

Our Address

Sushevskaya, 8, Moscow, Russia


55.791322, 37.632720800000016