Key Club stands out for its elegant and pleasant way to welcome all swingers couples.

The team that manages the club excel for organizing this space in order to provide couples unique and desirable experiences. For it offers a comfortable, air-conditioned and sanitized environment in which the functionality of the facility allows the realization of fantasies with complete freedom.
Rooms feature sexy and daring decorations that attract the discovery. The bar, the dance floor and lounge space incite interaction between couples there can exchange conversations and not only …
Different nights, theme parties and events organization will make the Key Club a location of choice for those who enjoy the freedom of the swing.
Security and privacy are key factors, and entry into the club is restricted to couples.

Its excellent location allows easy access and parking convenience.

+351 935 094 100

Address & Contact

Our Address

Rua de Júlio Dinis 766, 4050-321 Porto, Portugal


41.1559338, -8.6269063