L’Orage and its owner Jean-Paul are world famous in the sex club scene. Orage swingers club has been a must-visit spot in the city for the better part of the last 20 years, and Jean-Paul was one of the club owners that fought back against the Canadian government and helped legalize adult lifestyle clubs across the country. The club itself has been one of the favourites of the adult lifestyle scene since it has been opened. Known for its European club environment, you won’t find any closed doors here. Every dark, sinful, sexual act you wish to enjoy here will be done in the open. It

L’Orage Club of Montreal is unique in Canada, it is without contest, the lifestyle club by excellence. With it’s bar-lounge, it’s dance floor and DJs, it’s two open-concept floors, make L’Orage a unique space for lovers of eroticism, sexuality, based on voyeurism and exhibitionism! A European concept: At L’Orage, we favor exhibitionism and voyeurism. Everything is open concept, you will not find any closed rooms.

387 St-Hubert St
Montreal (Quebec)
Canada H2R 2NR


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Our Address

387 St-Hubert St Montreal (Quebec) Canada H2R 2NR


45.5415486, -73.6144758