Elixir de Fuego swingers club in Majorca, or “Elixir” like the club is called by the local Majorca swingers, is situated on Majorca – the “most beautiful island of the world”.

Being the first Swingers club in Majorca, existing for more than 20 years now, swingers from all over Europe and sometimes from all over the world come to visit.

Elixir is a large swingers club with an area of more than 350m². 5 designer rooms and playgrounds, as well as a comfortable and huge bar and lounge area. You will find showers for some wellness effects and also enough sanitary facilities here, too.

The club is very popular with Spanish swingers as well as, swingers in Italy and German swingers, guests you will meet swingers from Europe. Different languages are never a problem – it´s quite the opposite: A smile counts much more than a thousand words!

Location: Carrer (or “Calle”) Garsa 11, 07610 Can Pastilla / Las Maravillas


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Our Address

Carrer (or “Calle”) Garsa 11, 07610 Can Pastilla / Las Maravillas


39.5301975, 2.7313397