“PazintysXXX club” – the only such club in Lithuania. How is it special? This is over 240 sq. km. of area facilities, which are equipped not only with taste and modern, with columns and fountains, and sculptures of different, but most remarkably adapted to allow time for a large company, for couples or for a single visitor. These spaces are equipped with a Finnish sauna and Russian bath, Turkish steam bath, a large and deep swimming pool with underwater massage and a waterfall. Here you see not only a great music, light effects, but the private cabins with soft furnishings and a powerful home theater system. Full interior creates a romantic Roman era orgy spirit. It is also held in this area confidential Swingers Party. They became so popular that the couple and the individuals who meet here, almost all of the cities of Lithuania. Swingers party are usually thematic and incendiary, and even a pair of indrawn emotions.

Address: T.Sevcenkos g.16 Vilnius, Lithuania

Phone: +37 06 99 85 009


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T.Sevcenkos g.16 Vilnius, Lithuania


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