The Temeloase in Berlin is your swingers club, Swingers Party meeting and Wellness Lifestyle Club – Bar – Discotheque – Restaurant – Garden, a source of sensual joy about 1000 square meters on several floors. Here you can dive into an age of ancient cultures, feel the seduction by the magic of the Middle East, an adventure trip for the eye impressive light effects in the bar and disco area soothe the soul.For a dining experience provides an international buffet. Harmony and harmony with the natural needs can be experienced in imaginative fulfillment in beautifully designed oases, because opening up to the sensual – useful Beautiful, is balm for body and soul. As a spa offering Arrangement (sauna, steam sauna, whirlpool, swimming pool, massages) in Mediterranean originality the base for relaxation and wellbeing. Who discover unexpected new, and his partner want to enjoy a very special experience, finds an oasis in the Temple

Ruhlsdorfer Weg 20-22
Birkenhain, Brandenburg, Germany 14979

+49 173 2902893

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Our Address

Ruhlsdorfer Weg 20-22 Birkenhain, Brandenburg, Germany 14979


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