The Paarl Club Nameless is a club for everyone. Whether man, woman or couple does not matter. An ambience awaits you which is close to a small, family company. We as club operators strive to meet each guest individually. In the tour you can see a little glimpse of the location of the club, but you have to experience the feeling yourself. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will not leave you alone on your first visit to the club. When we show you our club, the first ice is already breaking. They come from all walks of society. Since everyone wants only your fun, it does not matter who makes or deserves. The club is all the same.


17091 Rosenow, Germany

+49 39602 299809

Address & Contact

Our Address

Schwandt, 17091 Rosenow, Germany


53.5939237, 13.0271872