Club Culture Houz organizes sex parties for all orientations and genders, to offer a platform for all hedonists and to cultivate sensual sex. A club where you can let your mood decide where your play is going to take you. Swinger or BDSM aficionados fit in equally.

There are several play grounds on two floors and our cozy bar.

All rooms are illuminated by subtle lighting.

We play background music from Electro & House to Global classics, depending on the event. Our movie theatre will offer some inspiration if needed.

After a warm and personal welcome, you can store your street clothes in our wardrobe and leave your personal belongings in a safe place behind our bar.

Condoms, lubricant, gloves and other safer sex utensils are available for free at the bar. Equipment (whips, ropes, slings etc.) for all cosmo-erotic game types invite you to try something new.

Find out more on Club Culture website.

Görlitzer Straße 71,

Kreuzberg, 10997 Berlin, Germany

+49 (0)30-617 09669

Address & Contact

Our Address

Görlitzer Straße 71, Kreuzberg, 10997 Berlin, Germany


52.4986896, 13.4343283